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A Dream 9/24/2006 "White Ribbons"

A Dream: 9/24/2006.
I was living in a dorm, and it was apparently Rhoads, though it looked nothing like Rhoads at all. The building was wide and probably 6 floors tall with a grassy courtyard on the side I was facing. There were landscaping bushes in the courtyard. Across the courtyard there was another dorm, I kept trying to call it Cabaniss, even though I knew that wasn’t the real Cabaniss Hall. It didn’t really look like Cabaniss either, but it was just on the other side of the courtyard. For some reason I was following Mike Dean around. He was, in turn, trying to track someone else down. It was a girl much like Kuchiki Rukia, someone spritely and small who could jump up and off walls and windowsills with ease. I got the impression she might have been Kim (Mike’s long time ex). I kept seeing glimpses of someone, and then Mike would find a note on a window or some other place. They would be somewhat cryptic, but mainly went along the lines of “don’t worry, I’ll be back”. Mike still chased after her, following the clues of her notes. Then some commotion occurred, which caused many of the students who surrounded me to begin throwing rolls of paper, about an inch wide, out the windows. White, ribbon-sized paper. I saw the students in the windows of Cabaniss throw the paper rolls and watched as they bounced across the courtyard, high over the bushes, and into the open windows of the students at Rhoads. The Rhoads students did the same, as students from each dorm threw paper that streamed across the courtyard and into the other building. Then the students began to tie the ends of the paper to the windows, so that thin strands of taut paper hung suspended in the air over the courtyard. And every single strand of paper was white. I watched all of this from a window. I looked down, and saw several strands of paper tied to a gray metal pole in front of me. Suddenly, I heard a sound from behind me and to the left. It was a group of angry teachers and some sort of principal type of figure. The “principal” was a short man wearing black. He yelled at everyone in the room for throwing the paper and informed us that it must be cut down. There was a general commotion in that area of the room. Then I looked from the man and the commotion back out the window. The white paper ribbons had all been cut and now hung slack along the sides of Cabaniss, different lengths from windows on different floors. All of them white, fluttering slightly in the breeze.

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